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About Me


First of all, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you like my work.

My love of art began at school but it took a back seat as I left and pursued other interests. It was reignited in 2007 when challenged to paint a photo onto canvas for a friend. Since then I haven’t put my pencils or paintbrushes down! Drawing and painting are primarily hobbies of mine and I balance them around my job as a teacher of Mathematics.

My favourite medium is graphite. I love the depth and definition that can be achieved with a set of sharp pencils. Whilst I love the bold block colours you get with acrylics, I think a good pencil drawing is far more impressive as a piece of art.

I’m improving with each piece of art I complete. I’m making new discoveries and adjusting my technique all the time. Therefore I look forward to starting my next project as soon as I’ve finished the one before.

If you are at all wondering about getting a piece of artwork commissioned please don’t hesitate to contact me through this website and we’ll have a chat about your ideas and your budget. In the meantime, please feel free to continue to look around my site if you haven’t done so already.

If you are interested to know what I’ve been producing of late, then please follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I will however, be keeping this site up-to-date as much as I can.

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Kevin Hayward acrylic and graphite pencil artist


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